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  • School Major in English Education at California State University of Long Beach; English Literature at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy; Currently (fall 2021) enrolled to obtain M.A in Urban Education and Social Justice & Teaching Credential 
  • Strength as a tutor 
    • I respect my students for who they are. 
    • My dedication to my students' learning. 
    • My willingness to learn and be critical of my own teaching practices. 
  • 3 adjectives that best describes you 
    • Caring
    • Passionate
    • Self-Reflective
  • Extra-curricular activities
    • I spent many years taking dance classes and playing volleyball in highschool, I have volunteered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Skywatchers Organization in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, Glide Foundation food bank, Community Housing Partner food service, and the SPCA. I am TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) certified and spent the 2020-2021 school year as a student teacher.

Scheduling your Class: 

* Sign up for one session (as a trial): You can directly sign up for one session as a trial on our website. Or you can also skip the trial class. After your payment is made, our admin will send you a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor. After that  your tutor will send you a greeting email to schedule a class day/time with you and get ready for your lesson. 

* Sign up for one unit (8 sessions): If you confirm that you would like to sign up for one unit (=8 sessions), our admin will send you an invoice and a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor.  Your tutor will send you a welcoming email. 

Mina's Availability 

  • Time Zone: PST 
  • Flexible?
    • Weekdays 
    • Weekends 10AM-3PM PST
  • Not Available time: Sunday and Saturday afternoon PST 

Students: Grades 2-12  

Available Tutoring:

  • Creative Fiction Writing with Tutor Mina: Using our imagination to write short fiction stories while improving our English Language Arts skills! 
    • Target age: 2nd-8th
    • For younger students we will spend our time learning about the fundamentals of storytelling and use our imagination to write stories with a beginning, middle, and end. For older students we will learn about the different types of stories (comedies, tragedies, adventures) and use these formats to write our own while improving skills such as spelling, grammar, and writing to our audience.
  • Learning to Close Read with Tutor Mina: Learning to find the meaning in fiction and non-fiction by close reading!
    • Target age: 2nd-12th
    • For younger students we will spend our time reading short fiction and non-fiction in order to learn how to identify key details and main ideas within text. For older students we will read more complex texts (fiction and non-fiction as well as instructional texts, historical texts, poetry, and narratives) in order to learn how to identify the author’s thesis and the purpose of the story.

Cancellation and Refund: 

  • You can cancel the classes any time. The cancellation should be made in advance in writing. The remaining untaught classes after the cancellation notification will be refunded.  
  • If you unable to attend a class you booked, our cancellation policy will be applied. 
    • You can cancel a class 24 hours before the start of the scheduled class without penalty. 
    • If you cancel it within 24 hours of the start time, there is a late cancellation fee ($10). 
    • If you miss a class without canceling ahead of time,​ the class will be counted as an absence, and there will be no refunds or rescheduling (100% class fee for the session will be applied) because the tutor’s hour was already taken.