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  • School
    • B.A. in Philosophy & Spanish at Wellesley College, Wellesley
    • Semester Abroad, Spanish Language Learning & Culture Immersion at Universidad de Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain
  • Strength as a tutor
    • I am eager to learn and to teach; my time with Questabox will be spent learning from my students as well as sharing knowledge with them through fun activities, games, and even songs
    • I am an engaging and fun person and I include many different types of visuals, games, and media in my lessons!
    • I am patient and flexible to change per my particular student and their needs; everyone learns at their own pace and I am excited to meet my students where they are and to take them where they want to be!
  • 3 adjectives that best describe you
    • Charismatic
    • Positive/optimistic
    • Funny
  • Extra curricular activities
    • I am pursuing a career in music entertainment (talent discovery and recruitment). 
    • I am currently working as a Production Assistant for an Events/Entertainment company.
    • I love to read, write poetry, and travel!

Scheduling your Class: 

* Sign up for one session (as a trial): You can directly sign up for one session as a trial on our website. Or you can also skip the trial class. After your payment is made, our admin will send you a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor. After that  your tutor will send you a greeting email to schedule a class day/time with you and get ready for your lesson. 

* Sign up for one unit (8 sessions): If you confirm that you would like to sign up for one unit (=8 sessions), our admin will send you an invoice and a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor.  Your tutor will send you a welcoming email.  

Sarah's Availability 

    • Time Zone: PST 
    • Available: 
    • M-F 9AM-12PM PST, 2PM-3PM PST
    • I’m flexible and open if you are not available for these hours 
  • Unavailable: TBA

Available Tutoring:

  •  Spanish Context and Conversation (CoCo) (Beginners & Intermediate) -- This course will explore essential Spanish grammar and vocabulary, as well as common conversational language. This will include basic personal descriptions, common phrases and vocabulary. This course is open to introductory/beginner speakers (K-5), as well as intermediate Spanish students and will incorporate games, activities, and music to make learning more fun!

  • Be a Spanish Speaker (Intermediate & Advanced) This course will focus on Spanish speaking and will teach common words and expressions used in real-life, social contexts. For example, the course will basic expressions for meeting someone new, exploring a new place, or ordering food you’ve never tried before! 
    -- Other conversational topics include: Greeting, colors, foods, family, traveling, ordering food, making friends, Spain vs Latin America, interviews, birthdays, etc.  
    -- Spanish media (movies, TV shows), culture, music, etc. 

  • Becoming a radio show host! (English)  - This course will teach music lovers how to talk and write about music and how to make playlists! This course is open to music lovers anywhere and of any age! We’ll be talking about our own music taste, how to find new artists and genres, making playlists, how to talk to an audience, and sharing your own voice!  If you love listening to music, talking about music, and sharing music, I would love to have you in my class! I was a radio show host for four years in college and collaborated with many musicians and other students. I love music from many different places and cultures and am very open to international students!   

Cancellation and Refund: 

  • You can cancel the classes any time. The cancellation should be made in advance in writing. The remaining untaught classes after the cancellation notification will be refunded.  
  • If you unable to attend a class you booked, our cancellation policy will be applied. 
    • You can cancel a class 24 hours before the start of the scheduled class without penalty. 
    • If you cancel it within 24 hours of the start time, there is a late cancellation fee ($10). 
    • If you miss a class without canceling ahead of time,​ the class will be counted as an absence, and there will be no refunds or rescheduling (100% class fee for the session will be applied) because the tutor’s hour was already taken.