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Class Policy

Online Classroom Rules 

Respect Others
Try Your Best 
Work Together

Class Cancellation for Absence 

No Penalty: If you're cancelling your class more than 24 hours before the class begin, there will be no penalty. You can cancel and reschedule your class any time before the class. 
$10 Fee: If you're cancelling your class within 24 hours before the class begin, there will be $10 fee applied to your bill. 
$20 Fee: If you're absent without cancelling, there will be $20 fee applied to your bill. 


There will be no refunds for absent classes.  You should cancel and reschedule the class if you are not going to attend. 

Makeup / Reschedule 

There will be no makeup for an absent class without cancelling. If your class is cancelled due to the teacher's emergency or any technical difficulty, the class will be moved back to next week or rescheduled to a different day available to both the teacher and you. If your class had to stop or interrupted in the middle of the class due to an unexpected problem, the remaining minutes will be rescheduled to a different day. 

Communication with Your Tutor 

Students and tutors are not allowed to exchange personal information such as photos, home phone numbers, home addresses, social media information, etc. Email will be our preferred communication method. Text messaging may be used if needed.  

Class Review / Rating 

It would be greatly appreciated and welcome if students and parents can give their own teachers polite but honest reviews on their teaching after class.  However, inappropriate, disrespectful, or harmful comments will be deleted.