Meet our Handpicked Tutors and their Stories


  • School 
    • Southern New Hampshire University: 2015-2019 Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education with a Certification in Special Education Minor: Psychology Pending: Certification in Early Childhood Education
  • Strength as a tutor 
    • Creative
    • Caring
    • Enthusiastic

  • 3 adjectives that best describes you 
    • Drive
    • Happy
    • Creative
  • Extra-curricular activities
    • I have always been passionate about volunteer work, and this work inspired me to become a teacher. I began my career working with City Year, an Americorps organization that places corps members in low income schools to tutor and mentor students that are falling behind grade level. After this experience I decided to major in education and currently teach an early childhood special education classroom. I have also worked extensively with students ages K-6 in a variety of classroom and afterschool settings. Along with this, I have had the opportunity to Volunteer with the English for New Americans program in my community. Some other volunteer experiences include building a water harvester for a community in Nicaragua, and working with the Cincinnati coalition for the homeless.

Scheduling your Class: 

* Sign up for one session (as a trial): You can directly sign up for one session as a trial on our website. Or you can also skip the trial class. After your payment is made, our admin will send you a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor. After that  your tutor will send you a greeting email to schedule a class day/time with you and get ready for your lesson. 

* Sign up for one unit (8 sessions): If you confirm that you would like to sign up for one unit (=8 sessions), our admin will send you an invoice and a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor.  Your tutor will send you a welcoming email. 


Michelle's Availability 

  • Time Zone: EST 
  • Flexible? M, T, F after 4PM EST and after (Maybe Saturday morning)
  • Preferred time: Weekdays
  • Not Available time: Wednesdays,Thursdays 5PM EST (2PM PST) 

Students:  Age 3 to Grade 6 

Available Tutoring:

  • Preschool Play and Learn: This group for kids ages 3-5 will encompass a variety of pre-academic standards and foster development in all areas (gross motor, fine motor, social emotional, literacy, mathematics, and cognitive skills.)  through play, song, movement, and art. Class is designed to be hands on and active so your child will be engaged, learning, and having fun at the same time! (45 minute program) 

  • Project Based Learning (Theme: Save the Rainforest): This hands-on program designed for students in grades 3-5 will take your child on a journey to none other than the rainforest! Students will learn about the harmful effects that deforestation has on the planet while coming up with their own solutions to make the earth a greener and healthier place to live. This curriculum encompasses a variety of subjects including but not limited to; science, math, literacy, social studies, and art all while sharpening  your child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. (60 minute program)

  • Homework Hotline: This class offers tutoring for students ages 3-12 in any subject matter. I am certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and soon to be Early Childhood Education. I am skilled in differentiating instruction to meet your child’s needs, and trained to teach common core aligned math. This class will be designed specifically for your child’s unique learning styles and interests to make learning engaging and effective.  

  • Readers Theater: This class designed for students in grades 2-5 lets your child have fun and show their creative side all while learning literacy skills! Students will collaborate to create their own play that they will later perform. Skills taught throughout this course include creative writing, grammar, reading fluency, and acting.

Cancellation and Refund: 

  • You can cancel the classes any time. The cancellation should be made in advance in writing. The remaining untaught classes after the cancellation notification will be refunded.  
  • If you unable to attend a class you booked, our cancellation policy will be applied. 
    • You can cancel a class 24 hours before the start of the scheduled class without penalty. 
    • If you cancel it within 24 hours of the start time, there is a late cancellation fee ($10). 
    • If you miss a class without canceling ahead of time,​ the class will be counted as an absence, and there will be no refunds or rescheduling (100% class fee for the session will be applied) because the tutor’s hour was already taken.